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Business Coaching Packages

Laying the Foundation

Have a business idea but don't know where to start? Do you have a  desire to be an entrepreneur but haven't been able to identify your niche? If you answered yes to one or both questions, this coaching package is for you! Step by step we will create and launch your business from the ground up. 


Social Media Marketing

Has social media marketing been a challenge for you? Have you found it difficult to get your audience to notice your products or services? With this coaching package you will learn how to marketing your business in ways that will stimulate an organic following and audience.


Revamp & Repurpose

Have you started a business in the past that just didn't work out for you? With this coaching package we will assess, rebuild, and relaunch your business implementing new strategies, new branding, and methods that will stabilize and structure your business to flourish.

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Purpose PullHer Packages (Mentoring & Spiritual Development)



Have you been wondering what you're purposed to do here on earth? Do you feel as though you have nothing to offer? DiscoverHER will help you in the area of discovering your purpose and identifying your gifts.



The BuildHER Package focuses strictly on building and strengthening the deficient and stagnant  areas in your personal life that prevent you from moving forward in your purpose with consistency and momentum.

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RefineHER is the most intense Purpose PullHER package which combines DiscoverHER and BuildHER  along with extended accountability and an added strategic plan to follow immediately  upon completion.

Group Coaching or Mentoring

Would you like to book the Purpose PullHer for a session of coaching or mentoring a group of young ladies or women?

If so, please fill out the contact form on the home page, or send an email to:

Thank You!

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