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Giving Back

"Since a little girl I've always loved to serve and find ways I can give to others. Whether it was my time, a few words of encouragement, a poem, or a gift, there was always satisfaction and joy felt on the inside knowing that God used me to put a smile on someone's face.


Fast forward to March of 2018, I decided to cultivate the gift of mentorship God placed inside of me by signing up for classes/training with Dr. Barbara Lee who is my mentor today.


After successfully completing the mentorship program I began to seek God for directions on how He wanted me to steward the gift. In December of 2018, God spoke and gave me "Girls Bond Mentoring."


My goal with this program is not to become popular, but rather impactful. I want to help transform the lives of as many young girls/ladies as possible. With the help of God, community, and the parents involved, I truly believe that I can and will.


Girls Bond Mentoring is for girls grades 6 to 12. The program and sessions are 100% FREE, but donations can be made due to all cost, fees, and expenses that will be coming out of my own pocket. 


If you or someone you know is interested, please email



Girls Bond Mentoring

When we bond, we bridge the gaps.

When we bond, we overcome statistics.

When we bond, we bond on a foundation of love.





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My Mentor: Dr. Barbara Lee

Dr. Barbara W. Lee is Co-Pastor of Word of Truth Church Ministries founded in 2000 by herself and Evangelist Kenneth Lee, her husband of 35 years. She is currently the Director of Career and Technical Education for Jones County Public Schools and oversees the WIOA (Workforce Innovation Opportunity Acts) program.


As the Kingdom Workforce Executive Director, she mentored 23 adults, with her team, who meet monthly to plan each session. She also mentored six girls during the 2017/18 school year.


Kingdom Workforce was launched in 2017 and is a tri-fold entity of WOTCM that assist participants in Entrepreneurship, Career Development and Mentorship. 


Dr. Barbara has recently been afforded the amazing opportunity to be a Business Consultant with Because We Care II in Norfolk,Va.


The Strategic Logic Model is the basis from which she sets the goals to gain expected outcomes for her clients, whether in the church, business sector, family issues, financial issues or health issues. Any challenge can be resolved with proper planning, prayers and persistence.

Dr. Barbara believes in being led by the Holy Spirit and truly believes, for by faith we are saved through grace, which is a GIFT FROM GOD who is the compass and foundation for everything we do.


In May 1987, she and her husband both gave their lives to Jesus and they

have been pressing forward in their gifts since.

Her favorite mentoring quote: "The world is waiting on you to be the BEST YOU!!! For with God, nothing shall be impossible!"

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